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The "Bottomless-pit" of our Federal Government

A bottomless-pit is “something that drains all one’s energy or resources.”  Broke (bankrupt; insolvent; etc.) is “having completely run out of money.”  Common-sense is “good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.” 

Our Federal Government has become a bottomless-pit!  As a nation—by any reasonable and sensible standards—we are broke!  And, “we the people” and “our federal government” have lost touch with any resemblance of common sense!

Evidence that the above claims are true is all around us.  Some of that “should-be-unsettling” evidence is summarized in this section.  Factual information that should not only be very alarming, but also motivating!  Prompting and otherwise supporting unrelenting demands for more responsible government!  One not only focused on our “present-day needs,” but also on our responsibility to future generations of Americans!

 Roughly speaking, as of 2015 “we the people” were already on the hook for a rapidly growing national debt of $18 trillion—that’s about $57 thousand per citizen; or $154 thousand per taxpayer!  And, for U.S. Unfunded Liabilities totaling some $97.5 trillion—that’s over $820,000 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S.  And these gut-wrenching numbers don’t include our personal debt, which year 2015 Federal Reserve reporting shows to be over $52 thousand per U.S. citizen!                             

Now—again roughly-speaking--$57,000 plus $820,000 plus $52,000 seems to add up to a total outstanding debt of about $929,000 per U.S. citizen.  And, if called upon to pay our shares today (totaling $1,858,000), my wife and I would unquestionably have to default on this our “citizen-obligation.”  Likewise, considering our age and financial circumstances—in the absence of winning a major lottery—it is all but a life-certainty that paying such debt will never be a realistic option for us.  And, of course, nationwide, we are far from being unique or alone in this this matter.

And, given the above summarized liberty and survival threatening realities, and as these words are being typed, the Obama administration and its supporters are out promoting and promising “free community college;” “amnesty for illegal aliens;” “free healthcare;” and “free accommodations for Europe’s migration crisis;” etc.   Never-ending “free stuff”!

Adding to the pile of already existing and unsustainable “free benefits” promised, and those already put in place, by our self-serving and otherwise irresponsible government.  More and more “free” from an already broke and heavily in-debt public treasury—to buy the votes and support of likewise self-serving and irresponsible citizens!  A truly unsustainable path that is dragging this nation deeper and deeper into a “bottomless-pit” of liberty and survival threatening debt!

And then there is Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent running for the democratic presidential nomination.  Whose campaign rhetoric and income-inequality agenda reportedly amounts to another “$18 trillion in benefits!” “More promises” from—as earlier stressed—an already broke and in-debt public treasury!  Pure and absolute, “liberty and survival-threatening” insanity!   But, sadly, much appealing to the ears of his thus far growing numbers of greedy, out-of-touch, and otherwise irresponsible supporters.  Similar to the nation-destroying “BS” being echoed by another democratic nomination seeker, Hillary Clinton, whose campaign rhetoric is likewise loaded with promises of more and more “free stuff.”  And, like that of Senator Sanders—straight out of the play-book of “socialism”!

At this point, with all this chatter about “free,” for some reason the following quotation seems most fitting and appropriate:   “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”—Margaret Thatcher

According to September 2015 U.S. Census data, we are a nation of about 321.7 million.  Government records indicate that within this constantly changing number:

*  Only 118.9 million (37%) are income taxpayers;

*  Our workforce is about 149.1 million (46%); available private sector jobs are around 117.3 million (36.4%); manufacturing jobs only 12.4 million (3.8%);  8.07 million (2.5%) are “officially” unemployed;  16.1 million (5%) “actually” unemployed; 122.1 million (37.9%) full-time workers;  26.9 million (8.3%) part-time workers; 8.6 million (2.7%) self-employed;  and  94.0 million (29.2%) are not in labor force;

*  23.6 million (7.3%) are government employees;  1.3 million (0.42%) U.S. armed forces;  14.9 million (4.6%) union workers;  48.8 million (15.1%) retirees;  21.2 million (6.5%) veterans;

*  57.0 million (17.7%) are Medicare enrollees;   76.4 million (23.7%) Medicaid recipients;  40.7 million (12.6%) without health insurance;  10.8 million (3.3%) disabled;  47.6 million (14.8%) living in poverty;  45.3 million (14.0%) Food Stamp recipients;  1.7 million (0.05%) homeless;  122 thousand unaccompanied-minors;  1 in 6 live on incomes at risk for hunger;  14 million American children rely on food banks;  food insecurity exists in every county in the U.S.;  about 2.3 million are in jail or prison; 6.6 million convicted felons; 21.6 million (6.7%) are living with a substance-abuse disorder; and about 157 million (49%) of us are presently receiving some type of “benefits” from the public treasury;

*  Our U.S. median income stands at about $28.6 thousand; family savings $9.4 thousand; personal debt $52.6 thousand per citizen;

*  Our U.S. national debt is over $18 trillion ($57.1 thousand per citizen); unfunded liabilities $97.6 trillion (over $820 thousand per taxpayer).  $6.2 trillion of our U.S. national debt is held by foreign countries.

U.S. Gross National Product (GDP) is now about $17.8 trillion, and our largest federal budget items are:  Medicare/Medicaid $96 billion;  Social Security $881 billion;  Defense/War $586 billion;  Income Security $310 billion; Net Interest on Debt $250 billion; and Federal Pensions $256 billion.  Given these numbers—you have a clue where the “big cuts” must someday come from?  Voluntarily or involuntarily!

A glance at the “tax” numbers finds:  Federal Tax Revenue to be $3.17 trillion ($9.8 thousand per citizen);  State Revenue $1.67 trillion ($8.7 thousand per citizen);  Income Tax Revenue $1.5 trillion;  Payroll Tax Revenue $1.05 trillion; and Corporate Tax Revenue 327.7 billion.

Our military has been and continues to be critically-downsized; Social Security solvency is doubtful; our country’s infrastructure is deteriorating; the middle-class is being destroyed; and a struggle is underway to find funds to cover healthcare obligations to our military veterans and others.

And yet we are surrounded by self-serving politicians and others still “promising” and “demanding” more and more “free stuff”!  Tolerated and supported by citizens willing to load-up and pass-on to future generations a selfish and unsustainable U.S. debt! 

In this age of high-tech global communications, rapidly expanding internet access, and always-connected social-media frenzy—little if any of this information should be “news.”

And, faced with these and other social and economic burdens and challenges—“common sense” would say that no responsible government would ever create, tolerate, or let stand, laws or other circumstances that would allow our country to be flooded with millions of illegal aliens.  But, being a “bottomless pit of tax and spend”, and void of “common sense”—our Federal Government has done just that! 

And, “both” the democrat and republican parties, over several administrations, are to blame!  As well as “we the people” for failing to responsibly carry out our obligations as voters and citizen-custodians of our country’s affairs!

For years, our Federal Government has failed to establish and enforce responsible immigration policy and secure our borders.  As a result, our country has been and continues to be flooded by countless illegals of known and unknown origins, backgrounds, and intents.  Some that may wish to assimilate into U.S. culture, adopt our common-language English, and be positive contributors to our nation’s wellbeing.  While many others refuse to assimilate U.S. culture, disrespect and abuse our country’s opportunities, and commit criminal acts, etc.

Our Federal Government’s willful acceptance of millions of “illegals” over the years has irresponsibly further-burdened our already over-stretched resources.  With burdens, such as, “billions of dollars” for food, clothing, housing, transportation, medical care, education, legal services, and even “spending allowances” for illegal alien minors, etc.  And, among the many devastating consequences—a special insult to the countless “legal immigrants” who have gained, or now stand in line to gain, lawful entrance into the U.S. by respectfully playing by the rules. 

And, as our Federal Government continues to accommodate and cater to “illegal aliens”—the long-standing hardships and concerns of U.S. citizens go unaddressed.  And our military veterans wait in line for “earned” health care benefits; our country’s infrastructure deteriorates; and gang violence and drug abuse spread throughout our cities.  While the flood of “illegal aliens,” and “irresponsibly-accommodated” legal immigrants, continue to be used to satisfy the nation-destroying agendas of “cheap labor,” “secured votes,” “demographics change,” and otherwise “transformation of America”!

The Illusions of Unlimited Resources & Tolerance:

Given the truly liberty and survival threatening risks posed by irresponsible tax and spend agendas, and failed immigration policies, etc.—we must very timely pull our heads out of the sand and reject the self-destructive “Illusion of Unlimited Resources”!  That being, the delusional-thinking that any nation of ever-growing numbers of “takers” and ever-diminishing numbers of “contributors” can forever last! 

“We the people” and our government must also recognize and reject the “Illusion of Unlimited Tolerance”!  That being, the likewise delusional-thinking that this country’s hardworking “contributors” have “unlimited tolerance!”  For a government that is unresponsive to the best interests of our country.  Or, that there exists unlimited tolerance for a government that puts the welfare of “illegal aliens” above that of “legal immigrants” and law-abiding, tax-paying, U.S. citizens! 

Regardless of our political affiliation, or lack thereof—we have ownership in our government’s shortcomings and failings.  We also have inescapable ownership in the consequences!  At risk from “bad government”—nothing less than our great nation—as defined by its borders, English language, and culture!  Among the major roadblocks—our voter-ignorance, apathy, complacency, denial, greed, and counter-productive fears! 

                                               =   =   =

“Our nation stands at the crossroads of liberty. Crushing national debt, rampant illegal immigration, insane business regulations and staggering national unemployment are pushing our nation into unchartered territory.” —James Lankford

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