Monday, May 2, 2022


U.S. “drug overdose deaths” reached their highest point ever recorded last year (exceeding 100,000 over 12 months). As, in both 2020 and 2021, “fentanyl overdose” was reportedly the leading cause of death among 18 to 45 year olds—taking more lives than COVID-19, car accidents, firearms misuse, suicide, and cancer. While America’s longest (and likely costliest) war—the “War on Drugs”—continues on with no end in sight. One declared by President Nixon over 50 years ago, while targeting “drug abuse” as “public enemy number one in the U.S.”

Of course Fentanyl—a synthetic opioid created in 1960 and approved for U.S. medical use in 1968—is merely one of many addictive substances abused by countless, along with but not limited to, heroin, cocaine, barbiturates, alcohol, nicotine, THC (found in marijuana), etc. As addictive-drugs and their positive and negative effects appear to have been around since the beginning. For example, the Sumerians’ (of ancient Babylonia) use of opium, reportedly traceable to 5000 B.C.; the earliest record of alcohol production, reportedly traceable to an Egyptian brewery in 3500 B.C.; and tobacco use, reportedly introduced into Europe in 1493 by Columbus and his crew returning from America.

The U.S. “prevailing views” regarding drug abuse, dependency, and addiction, seem to be that the “root-cause” rests with: (1.) drug users; (2.) drugs, drug-smugglers, dealers, and other sources; and (3.) neither the drug users or sources. Consequently, our long underway “War on Drugs” continues to entail “drug policy” subject to debate and change—with some favoring drug-criminalization and supply-sided focus, while others push for drug-legalization.

And after years of well-intentioned and ill-intentioned efforts, untold billions of taxpayer dollars, and unthinkable human tragedy, little seems to have really changed. A failure not unique to 21st century endeavors. For example, in A.D. 1650 timeframe, use of tobacco was reportedly prohibited in Bavaria, Saxony, and Zurich. A prohibition nevertheless “ineffective,” even given the Ottoman Empire’s decree of the death penalty for smoking tobacco. Yes, in spite of the horrors of beheading, hanging, quartering, or crushing hands and feet, the passion for smoking tobacco still persisted—as it does for countless millions world-wide yet to this day!

Could it be our “prevailing-views” about drug abuse, dependency, and addiction fall short of duly acknowledging the true root-cause of “demand” relative to both legal and illegal “addictive drugs.” Observing, for example, that it is “mind/mood-altering drugs”—and not “do-it-yourself root canal kits,” or “spare parts for pay telephone booths,” etc.,—that are being irresponsibly prescribed, smuggled through our borders, purchased, and abused.

Yes, given “less demand” for perpetual feel-good status and otherwise unnatural escape from life’s various uncomfortable challenges, etc., there just might be “less market” for substances that destroy the more truly sustaining and fulfilling aspects of one’s gift of life journey.

As many continue to ponder the likely futility in considering chemicals (pills/shots) and/or punitive (punishment) measures as ever being “effective solutions” to what could well be a “spiritual problem.”       —William James Moore 05/02/2022

- - - - - -

[The above also published as a Public Mind article in local newspaper, the Parsons Sun, Weekend edition, April 30 – May 1, 2022]

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Not all that far south of the U.S. exists the country of Venezuela. A bit larger than Texas; a little more than half the size of Alaska. With a January 2022 population estimated at about 28 million, as compared to some 332 million in the U.S.

Venezuela once ranked high among the wealthiest and most thriving economies in the world. About 60 years ago or so even surpassing China and Japan in per capita income. A country with petroleum reserves still today recognized as being among the largest (if not “the” largest) in the world. 

As many of its citizens once basked in the luxury of a thriving health care system, and an array of other so-called never-ending free-stuff, dispensed by a government infested with radical-socialism, uncontrolled spending, and lust for self-serving power and control.

But, in about the blink of a mere decade or so—it all changed for Venezuela! Yes, and not that long ago, one of the wealthiest and most thriving nations on Earth was caught in years of a yet underway downward spiral. Into an increasingly devastating abyss of growing political and civil discontent, corrupt elections, hopeless civil protests, skyrocketing hyperinflation, utility and transportation disruptions, a nationalized petroleum industry, and critical shortages of food, medicine, and other life and health sustaining essentials.

A human tragedy prompting millions of Venezuelans to flee their country in recent years. Including many to the U.S.—a country that seems to include a growing many who (through ignorance and/or intent) strive to take the U.S. down the path of Venezuela, Cuba, and other ultimately liberty-destroying countries.

At this point a most fitting question would seem to be, “What must exist to keep the U.S. from becoming yet another failed nation of economic disaster and lost liberty?” 

And, in brief, a rational response would appear to include “The crucial Foundation Blocks of our truly unique and most precious Constitutional Republic.” Such as: (1.) the U.S. Constitution; (2.) secured U.S. borders; (3.) a U.S. common language-English; (4.) a U.S. common culture founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles; (5.) legitimate U.S. elections at all levels of government; and (6.) an adequate number of informed and actively engaged legal U.S. voters, and occupants in all roles of government, capable and willing to unyieldingly protect, defend, and responsibly apply Foundation Blocks (1.) through (5.).

It has often been written that, at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady asked Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers, “What have we got, a republic or a monarch?” Reportedly, his response was, “A republic if you can keep it.” 

And history will duly record whether each generation of Americans continues to be recipient of the torch of responsibility for a yet protected, preserved, and thriving “Constitutional Republic USA” . . . or, one day cursed with the lost liberty abyss of another "Venezuela"?   —William James Moore

Friday, February 25, 2022


As the end of February 2022 draws near—Oh what a difference a year makes!

Yes, just a bit more than a year ago—America was energy “independent” and selling oil to the rest of the world; had not lost the life of any U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan for over a year or so; and the people’s White House was occupied by patriotic leadership unrelentingly and successfully dedicated to pro-America/America-first policies and agenda. An Administration focused on the U.S. economy, national security, control of our southern border, and on otherwise making and keeping America great again. And the monthly tab for filling one’s gas tank was not in likeness to making a payment on an auto or home mortgage.

However, in just a bit more than one year later—America has is no now not only energy “dependent,” and begging other countries to ramp-up their oil production, but is also “now buying oil” from other nations—including, but not limited to the continued (after Sanctions) yearly purchase of over a half million barrels of oil from “Russia”!

Yes, the same Russia upon which the now White House occupant announced (on 24 February 2022) “sanctions” for its Putin-directed invasion of Ukraine. Yes, the same Ukraine whose borders and sovereignty the now White House occupant has dedicated U.S. military personnel and other resources to protect - - - as America’s southern border remains unprotected from continued and unprecedented invasion by illegal aliens.

And, yes the same now White House occupant ultimately responsible for America’s disastrous and embarrassing exit from Afghanistan, which cost of the lives of many U.S. military personnel and others, and left countless Americans and American allies behind enemy lines.

Yes, the same now White House occupant who, at the drum beat of his Marxist-rooted radical-left puppet masters, continues to unrelentingly impose on “We the People” . . . not a pro-America/America-first agenda, but rather, one insanely and nation-destructively consumed with “Racism,” “Wokeism,” “Critical Race Theory,” “1619 Project,” “Equity in lieu of Equality,” “Collectivism in lieu of Individual Freedom,” “Political Correctness,” “Identity Politics,” “So-Called Save-the-Planet Climate Change,” and other “Divide, Conquer, & Control” weapons of America’s “enemies within.”

Oh yes, what a difference a year can make! And, elections (legitimate or otherwise) do have consequences!

As will our country’s 2020 Mid-Term Elections and 2024 General (Presidential) Elections—likely liberty’s last stand in this ever-so-precious and much under assault Constitutional Republic!

                                                          —William James Moore

Friday, January 28, 2022


Be not distracted or deceived, America! On January 20, 2021 a “Nation-Uniter” and “Savior of America’s Soul” was NOT installed in the people’s White House! Much to the contrary, on that ever so fateful date our country was not only cursed with a radical-left puppet master controlled “Commander-in-Chief” of the most powerful military on Earth, but within the same taxpayer-funded self-serving career-politician body—an also dyed in the wool “Racist-Bigot-in-Chief”!

What follows is but one example from a Joe Biden-historical many:

On January 27, 2022, in a joint White House appearance of Biden and Stephen Breyer, America officially learned of age 83 Breyer’s plans to retire from the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of the current term, after more than 27 years on the court.

Thus paving the way for Biden to appoint a successor for the court’s now oldest member and one of three remaining liberal Justices. A replacement who could potentially be on the court for decades, and in at least the short term maintain the current 6-3 split between conservative and liberal justices.

During same appearance, Biden renewed his campaign trail promise to “nominate a Black woman to the court.” No, not a promise to nominate the “most qualified” person, regardless of gender, race, etc. But, instead, and in keeping with the truly racist-infested identity-politics demands of the radical-left—a promise to in effect “exclude” any consideration of potentially more qualified nominations from other races, men, etc.).

Clearly, a most blatant and shameful “racist” and “bigoted” behavior. And one that would indisputably bring about 24/7 media supported boycotts, riots, lootings, arson—and otherwise ultimate ruination—of any American business that chose to do same. That is, publicly declared an intent to hire employees of only “one particular gender and/or race.”

Truly reprehensible behavior on the part of Biden, and in shameful disregard and disrespect of the nation-healing tone of the following ‘content of character’ message of not so long ago . . . “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” —Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), American Christian minister; activist; leader in Civil Rights Movement.

Powerful words taken from King’s now-famous “I Have a Dream” speech he passionately delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, to a “March for Jobs and Freedom” crowd of some 250,000 people spread across the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1963.

Of course, Biden’s divisive “racist” “bigoted” behavior—and that of like-behaving others—does not just entail some truly shameful words one day entered in the dust collecting books of history. But also, and much more relevantly, are self-serving Marxist-rooted weapons that destroy the liberty, hopes, dreams, and lives of countless.

And, speaking of Marxist-rooted weapons—anyone taking opposition to Biden’s “racist” “bigoted” behavior will of course be unrelentingly declared to be, yes, you guessed it—an irredeemable and despicably deplorable “racist” and “bigot”! That long and effectively used radical-left weapon of loudly and incessantly “accusing their foe” of being that which “they actually are.” An anti-America weapon that so-called mainstream media and big-Tech willfully and without fail dedicate their liberal-biased support to.

Sinister mindsets and behaviors that, if not timely and effectively confronted and successfully countered, have historically resulted in irreversibly failed nations of lost liberty and other human tragedy, such as, to site but a few—that entailed with Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, as well as China’s hundreds of forced labor detention camps (prisons).

Yes, it is to the demise of present and future generations of Americans that we, the now so-called adults in the room, be distracted, deceived, silent, and unresponsive to the many “faces of evil” and our nation’s “enemies within”—none the least, those infesting our government and other positions of power, authority, and otherwise influence over others. 

                                                          —William James Moore

Saturday, January 22, 2022


In a country basking in envy-of-the-world liberty “entrusted to” federal/state/local government, judicial courts, law enforcement, etc.—rational thinking would suggest that the meaning and importance of “Constitutional Republic,” “Nation of Laws,” and “Oaths of Office” would rank high among that which its citizens keep relatively fresh in mind. Especially given the hundreds of billions of dollars spent yearly on taxpayer-funded education, and untold time and fortune consumed with an array of 24/7 state-of-the-art media.

But not so, as much to the contrary “we the people” become ever-the-more self-destructively overwhelmed by the many faces of Marxist-rooted “divide, conquer, & control” weapons,” such as: Racism, Wokeism, Transgenderism, Fair Share, Reparations, Climate Change, Identity Politics, White Privilege, Gender Neutrality, White Supremacy, Victims, Oppressors, so-called “somewhat peaceful” Protests, Insurrection, Gender Pronouns, Equality, Critical Race Theory, etc.

Therefore, and in an effort to prevent crucial liberty-sustaining foundations such as “Constitutional Republic,” “Nation of Laws,” and “Oaths of Office,” etc., from totally crumbling into America-destroying obscurity—the following “Refresher-101” is offered for consideration:

(1.) “NATION OF LAWS”: The United States of America is often referred to as a “Nation of Laws” . . . in lieu of men [or women]. Meaning that, from the unprecedented wisdom, courage, sacrifice, and patriotism of America’s Founding Fathers, “we the people” have been gifted a most unique and envy of the world nature of government, wherein we are (supposed to be) governed by “laws,” and not by the emotional or otherwise irrational mindset of “people.” And not just any laws, but by those stated in and otherwise legislatively supported by the U.S. Constitution. A most unique and precious Constitution that includes a “Bill of Rights” (first ten amendments to the Constitution) specifically added early-on by America’s Founding Fathers to ensure the liberty and freedom of American citizens.

(2.) “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”: Hence, and furthermore, the U.S. is by wise design and with liberty-ensuring intent a “Constitutional Republic.” And, NOT a “pure democracy”—where the view of 51 percent can determine the fate of a 49 percent minority. This being a “highly relevant distinction” that unfortunately, through ignorance and/or intent, a shameful many of the occupants of all branches of our government; the administrators and other staff of our educational institutions; and our so-called mainstream media; etc., too often fail to responsibly acknowledge . . . as they continue to spew misleading utterances about “our democracy”! Seemingly unaware, for example, that there is sound reason why our U.S. Pledge of Allegiance refers to our country as a “Republic,” and why our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution do not mention the word “democracy.”

(3.) “OATHS OF OFFICE”: Oaths of office and allegiance have of course been aspects of an array of governments for countless centuries. For example, when the United States were colonies of Great Britain, government officials swore allegiance to the King. While Colonial and state legislatures also used various oaths requiring members to swear allegiance to the state, and to often also profess a belief in God.

Ultimately, America’s Founding Fathers decided to require in the U.S. Constitution an oath for federal and state officials that did not include a “religious test.” However, the specifics—such as wording of the oath—were left to the First Congress (1789-1791). As a result, in its first legislative act, the Oath of Office bill, specifying the following simple text, was signed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives on May 21, 1789, and signed into law by President George Washington on June 1, 1789: “I do solemnly swear or affirm (as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

The form of the oath has changed many times since the “first legislative act” of Congress. However, the oath used today by the U.S. Vice President and Members of Congress has reportedly not changed since 1966; is prescribed in Title 5, Section 3331 of the U.S. Code; and reads as follows: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

And then there’s the somewhat different and much shorter oath used by the U.S. President. One specifically prescribed in Article II, Section 1, Clause 8 of the Constitution; contains 35 words; and reads as follows: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Yes, the above being the same U.S. Presidential oath to which President George Washington reportedly added the words “so help me God”; a practice thereafter and so far included “traditionally” by every U.S. President except Theodore Roosevelt. As, according to the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, all but two presidents have also placed their hand on a Bible while saying the oath. Reportedly, Theodore Roosevelt did not use a Bible for his first inauguration; and John Quincy Adams took the oath upon a book of the law. Whereas, in 2013 Barack Obama took the oath using two Bibles, one once owned by Abraham Lincoln and the other by Martin Luther King Jr.

=    =    =

And, as (1.) through (3.) above fall deeper into the abyss of anti-America obscurity . . . more and more of “We the People” continue to self-destructively encourage and tolerate being governed not by the U.S. Constitution, but by shouts; screams; cries; hurt feelings; accusations of uncaringness; so-called “mostly peaceful” protests (riots, looting, and arson); corrupted elections; the expressed wishes and/or votes of illegal aliens; real and/or imagined prejudice; the anti-America agendas of so-called Big-Tech; political activists posing as so-called mainstream media; etc.; etc.; and by the otherwise many faces of ignorance, apathy, complacency, denial, greed, and counterproductive fears.

As the Founding Fathers of our U.S. Constitutional Republic—our Nation of Laws—are no doubt painfully turning over in their graves. In agonizing sorrow and disbelief of the growing many who willfully disregard their sacred Oaths of Office. As, through ignorance and/or intent, many other of today’s so-called adults-in-the-room otherwise destroy, or tolerate the destructions of, humankind’s “best hope” for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
                                                              —William James Moore

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


(A Truly Caring and Compassionate Heads-Up: If you are averse to painfully lengthy writings, and those that use a touch of sarcasm in an in good-faith effort to stress very serious concerns, you might wish to spend your reading time on something other than the following.)

If there is anything that just possibly might “outnumber” the multitude of things the radical-left seems to find offensive, it would likely be the “countless types of insurance policies” available in today’s world. Yes, if one can afford the premiums, one can “insure against” about most anything having the threatening potential of disrupting one’s status-quo (e.g., loss of homes, autos, personal belongs, jobs, health, etc., etc., etc.).

So, it only stands to reason that there would be a wide range of insurance policies offering various levels and natures of protection against “THE THREAT OF TRUMP.” Including policies especially named and otherwise tailored for special clients, such as the Democrat Party infested radical-left. And, when the policy owners have unlimited access to the taxpayer-funded public treasury, the premium (cost to America) obviously falls in the sack of “no concern”—or, as a much corrupt Hillary would say, “at this point, what difference does it make!”

Hence, we have the radical-left’s ever-expanding portfolio of insurance policies, including, but not limited to, those named: “Russian Hoax”; “Impeachment”; “24/7 Fake-News”; “Etc.” As well as proudly owned radical-left polices named “THE INSURRECTION” and “THE JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE.” Special long-term insurance policies, which will continue to involve as-needed public-disclosed claims against the ever-present “THREAT OF TRUMP”; claims that will of course increase in frequency and magnitude as our country’s 2022 Mid-Term Elections get closer.

Yes, well-timed and craftily-formatted public-disclosures of insurance claims submitted to the brokers and other Marxist backers of radical-left owned policies named “The Insurrection” and “The January 6 Committee.” Public-disclosures aimed at making sure that “we the people” clearly understand and never forget that there is a “big difference” between “mostly peaceful protests” and “insurrection.”

Whereas, “MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS” are, for example—the time and time again rioting, burning, vandalizing, pillaging, looting, terrorizing, and otherwise destruction of America’s cities, businesses, homes, government buildings, treasured historical statues/artifacts, etc., by individuals and groups considered appropriate by the radical-left.

Where, on the other hand, “INSURRECTION” is, for example, and indisputably so—what took place in Washington, D.C. on January 06, 2021. When one of the most heavily and state-of-the art protected facilities in the World—our nation’s Capital—was breached! Not by a heavily-armed special forces team from Russia, Iran, North Korea, or our ever-growing number on existential threat, China—but, by “The Mob”! And NOT by just any “Mob”! But, naturally and predictably by a “Mob” identified with President Trump and his ever-more-threatening deplorable supporters! Yes, breached even after the Capital Police had been warned in advance by the FBI, that the crowd of U.S. citizens assembling at “the people’s” federal government facilities on January 06, 2021, was likely to include some especially unruly individuals, etc.

Yes, a January 6, 2021 “INSURRECTION”—even after the FBI’s subsequent investigation reported finding “no evidence” of intent to overthrow our government, or otherwise ties to Trump. An FBI investigation that in turn has yet to publicly reveal why, on January 06, 2021, Speaker Pelosi (to whom the Capital Police report) chose to “conveniently” purchase yet another insurance policy against “THE THREAT OF TRUMP”—instead of responsibly providing for proper security of our nation’s capital. —William James Moore

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


The following is among the countless babblings revealed through a cursory Internet search on the subject of “cursive writing”: “Many public schools stopped teaching cursive writing after it was dropped from Common Core standards in 2010 because of its waning relevance. Many schools don’t teach students cursive writing anymore, for the same reason they don’t teach them how to use a manual typewriter or a slide rule. It’s just not a very relevant skill.”

Well, for starters — apparently the “just not a very relevant skill” thing hasn’t yet reached the ears of all. Because I am among the countless who are still required to, for example, “SIGN” our Driver’s License; Concealed Carry License; Voter Registration Records; Healthcare Records; Debit/Credit Card Transaction Receipts; Bank Checks written by us to others and those paid to us by others; as well as, Wills; Trusts; etc.; etc.; etc.; along with an array of other so-called legal documents, many if not most of which require “BOTH” our “PRINTED NAME” and “SIGNATURE.”

And, along with cursive writing being dropped from Big-Brother-Government’s Common Core standards, it would also seem the corresponding message is that “BEING ABLE TO READ” past/present/future cursive writings is likewise “no longer a very relevant skill.” Whether the writing be a letter or card from of a living or deceased loved one; an original copy of our U.S. Constitution; or otherwise.

But, fear not! Because, should the ever-growing numbers of the “cursive-incapable” among us ever by chance have the urge to understand the message buried within some irrelevant cursive scribblings of the past/present/future — no doubt an array of Big Tech developed “aps” will come to the rescue!

Yes, a multitude of taxpayer-subsidized, non-racist, woke-friendly, climate-saving, and feelings-sensitive “aps” will not only readily translate cursive-written-gibberish into understandable print-communications — but, will also no doubt include state-of-the-art radical-left-biased “Fact Checking” functionality to ensure, in trustworthy manner, that “nothing worthwhile” gets lost or misunderstood in the translation process.

However, until word about the “irrelevance of cursive writing” reaches the ears of all concerned, I and other increasingly-irrelevant dinosaurs will likely continue to show due respect to the yet widespread requirement to include our “SIGNATURE” above/below our “PRINTED” name.

As we continue to also clutter our ever-more-challenged minds with an array of other “irrelevances” — such as, “how to make change” in cash transactions; open/hold open a door for others; say “thank you”; make eye-contact with others; and use our right or left hand for something other than a 24/7 smartphone cradle; etc. 

                                                               —William James Moore

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


It is of course highly likely I am not alone in my often failure to detach from the negative, and instead focus on counting my many blessings. None the least, my (so far) freedom as a U.S. citizen to “Press 1 for English”! Especially when it seems to be more and more difficult to purchase a lot of things that are not “Made in China.”

For example, I’ve recently been pondering getting my hands on a few “Let’s Go Brandon!” decals. If for no other reason, for memorabilia purposes, etc. That is, before the current radical-left infestations in the people’s White House “mandate” that such expressions of free speech be “canceled” from the face of the Earth.

Therefore, a few days ago I took the bold leap and placed a via-Internet-order for a small quantity, which was very timely delivered to our residential mailbox yesterday!

And, yes, you guessed it—the relatively simple, water-proofed paper construction, 3” x 7.5” “Let’s Go Brandon!” decals I ordered, and received, were “Made in China”!

As the frontage of more and more U.S. businesses are frantically plastered with “Now Hiring,” “Help Wanted,” “Bonuses Offered,” etc., signage.

Yes, the same U.S. that long, long ago was, for example, the first to land a human on the Moon, apparently cannot now be a serious competitor in the production of simplified “Let’s Go Brandon!” decals?

Or, for that matter, in the production of the countless “Made in Germany” wind (save-the-planet) turbines that continue to clutter America’s landscape?

Nevertheless, may appropriate curses fall upon me should I fail to grasp and duly appreciate just how truly blessed I am to (thus far) have the freedom to “Press 1 for English”! In lieu of “having to” learn Chinese, German, Spanish, etc.

For, such a “mandate” would truly be a threat to the survival of this very much senior (and language-challenged) citizen—who has yet to master my country’s common-language English. Yes, the same “English” that hopefully one day will be legislatively-declared to be, and enforced as, “the” official language of our most precious and ever-threatened America.

Likewise, hopefully soon-will-be-the-day when America finds the wisdom and courage to recover from its current nation-destructive addiction to “Made in China.” 

A China not focused on hurt feelings and offensive-to-some historical artifacts, etc. But, instead, on its rapidly spreading — and liberty-threatening — “economic and military supremacy”

                                                                —William James Moore 

 [PS – And no apologies due, nor offered, for above use of a bit of satire in an effort to draw attention to serious concerns.]

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Folks, it’s NOT just about the ever-more sickening behavior of the babbling old puppet fool now in the people’s White House—it’s about “Marxism,” pure (and not so simple)! Yes, an infestation of “Marxism” that through ignorance and intent has over the years made its sinister way (now to nation destructive extent) into virtually every aspect of our federal government, as well as to likewise critical measure in many of our local and state governments. Saying nothing of course about the legal/illegal voters who have put (and kept) such despicable beings in positions of power and control.

And, if America doesn’t rapidly wake up to this reality and start stepping up, speaking out, and cleaning house at all levels of government, and in our educational institutions, etc.—it's soon to be “game-over” for America—especially for America’s youth and future generations!

For those who may have lost touch with what “Marxism” entails—especially the many generations who have been indoctrinated (brainwashed) with anti-America propaganda in our educational institutions—below is an intentionally briefed reminder:

"Marxism—A socialist ideology of the followers of Karl Marx, that aims to capture state power, introduce a dictatorship of the proletariat (the so-called "working class"), and then progress to communism."

And, just in case it has slipped one’s mind (and although estimates vary), communism is reportedly responsible for the deaths of some 100 million or more people worldwide. From Stalin’s “Great Purge,” and the Holodomor to Mao Zedong’s famines, to Pol Pot’s killing fields, etc., the legacy of Marx is one of death. In an array of places, such as: China: 65 million deaths; Soviet Union: 20 million deaths; North Korea: 2 million deaths; Cambodia: 2 million deaths; Vietnam: 1 million deaths; Africa: 1.7 million deaths; Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths; Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths; and Latin America: 150,000 deaths.

Yes, Maoism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism, all are founded on the same central theme: "suppression of the individual.” With the same historical-demonstrated end results: "divide and conquer; death and destruction"! And a seemingly never ending number of tyrants who spew their self-serving propaganda and false promises that “they” now uniquely have "the fail-safe solution" for making the ever failing recipes from the cook book of pure evil actually work—"this time"!

As many continue to bask in the delusional and destructive mindset that the "unthinkable" cannot happen in America—while failing to open their eyes and ears to the well-documented and continually-demonstrated root cause of the hopeless cries of countless lost-liberty souls existing yet today in such places as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, China, etc. Yes, those very same tyrant-controlled lands of misery, death, and destruction that the hate-America folks within our borders desire not to personally reside in. 

                                                               —William James Moore

                                          = = =

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ―Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), 16th U.S. President

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.” —Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Irish statesman; economist; philosopher; and member of Great Britain’s parliament.

“To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last—but eat you he will.” —Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), 40th U.S. President.

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction—it is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” —Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), 40th U.S. President.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” —Helen Keller (1880-1968) American author, political activist and lecturer, and first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

“SOLAR FLARES” — Hopefully also included in the Radical-Left’s (so-to-speak) scorched-Earth “control of everything that walks, flies, and breathes” agenda!

Reportedly, “solar flares” are sudden bursts of energy in the sun’s atmosphere that send particles and radiation into space at high speeds, capable of reaching Earth within minutes to hours after being released from the sun.

“Particles and radiation” capable of causing various “disruptions” to radio communications, electrical power grids, satellites orbiting the Earth, etc., as well as various health issues, etc. An ever-present threat, and what would seem to be an "especially big deal" to an ever-more technology-dependent world.

Furthermore, it appears that “solar flares”—the origin of such potentially harmful “particles and radiation,” are a somewhat natural and recurring aspect of the sun. Existing since the sun’s birth an estimated 4.6 billion years ago, and likely continuing until the end of its life, estimated to occur in about another 10 billion years or so.

Hence, by the time the current infestation exits the people’s White House and U.S. Congress, hopefully the radical-left’s scorched-Earth “control of everything that walks, flies, and breathes” agenda will have "also cancelled” the threat of “solar flares”!

Commensurate with their ridding of the Earth of all hurt feelings and any/all things “Trump”; saving the soul of America; abolishing America’s evil old borders, common-language English, and common-culture founded on Judeo-Christian values; and once and for all taking charge of our some 4.6 billion years old planet Earth’s (prior-to radical-left control) “ever-changing climate.”

All while the self-declared ever-so-caring struggle of the radical-left had to—and continues to— (so-to-speak) swim upstream against countless patriotic American sharks.  True patriots engaged in unapologetic and unrelenting defense and preservation of America’s ever-so-precious Constitutional Republic—humankind's best and likely last hope for meaningful recognition and protection of the inalienable (God-given) rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

                                                            —William James Moore

Sunday, October 31, 2021

FACEBOOK (now re-named "Meta") SURVEY

According to FB, I was among the (no doubt privileged [smile]) users provided the opportunity to respond to their recent customer survey. 

A survey FB stated "will be used to improve FB." As such, it seems fitting and proper for me to publicly share "the following complete and un-edited excerpt," from response feedback I in good faith contributed "free of charge" on 10/28/2021:

"I am among the countless who share truly justified fears about our country’s future and the fate of future generations. To witness the daily unrelenting destruction at the hand of the deeply entrenched Maoist/Marxist/Communist/Socialist-infested radical-left, is painful beyond words. And recovery from the unthinkable damage “already inflicted” (not to mention that in the making) is most difficult to envision at this among the most life/liberty-threatening of times in our America.

The ultimate survival of our precious constitutional republic no doubt rests in the faith, wisdom, courage, and unrelenting commitment demonstrated by exceptionally-gifted patriots and like-able/willing/committed others—pro-America, America-first patriots who inspiringly soldier-on in the face of truly challenging, and often extremely daunting circumstances.

On a related note, I am also among the countless who have utter contempt for the nation-destructive radical-left puppet masters of Facebook, Google, Twitter, so-called mainstream media, etc. As we crave beyond description for workable alternatives to our ever-so-grudgingly use of their radical-left biased technologies.

So-called “free” products and services, offered by anti-America puppet masters who likely view we users as their ever-growing pack of (so-to-speak) “Pavlov’s Dogs” — conditioned by sinister algorithms to enhance their positions of radical-left biased wealth, power, and control. Truly among our nation’s more daunting and formidable “enemies within”—regardless of through ignorance or intent, the shameful liberty-destroying consequences are the same."

                                              —William James Moore 10/28/2021

Link to President Trump's soon-coming social media site:

Monday, October 25, 2021

"Stand Ever-So-Proud"!

STAND EVER-SO-PROUD - - - All who in any way helped infest the people’s White House with the present puppets and puppet masters of the Maoist/Marxist/Communist/Socialist radical-left!

And while at it, ponder a bit and brief your children and grandchildren about who ultimately will pay the unthinkable America-destroying cost of tender care and comfort of the thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens invading the U.S. at the beckoning call of wannabe tyrant Biden!

For example, the costs for food, clothing, housing, transportation, legal services, educational services (teaching foreign languages and anti-America propaganda), healthcare, police protection, smartphones and Internet access, water/electrical/sewer/trash disposal systems and related services, how/where/when to vote Democrat guidance and direction, etc., etc., etc.

For illegal invaders who will never assimilate America's common-language English and common-culture founded on Judeo-Christian values. But instead, will bring with them and spread the same failed mindset, life styles, and government cravings of that which they have so-called fled.

Yep, “elections have consequences” — and as with our gift-of-life journey — "consequences" that come not equipped with a “reverse gear”!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


As our country’s very real, perceived, and alleged troubles continue to be pondered, the “root cause(s)” are often considered by many among us to rest primarily if not solely with folks such as U.S. Presidents Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Biden, etc. 

When, as determined by any resemblance of rational assessment, the ultimate responsibility more aptly rests with America’s “worst nightmare” — the “personal behaviors” of ignorance, apathy, complacency, denial, greed, and irrational fear, chronically afflicting in many ways a liberty threatening and nation destructive number of “we the people.”

A “we the people” of whom many if not most do, however, have other much more constructive personal options. Such as the liberty/freedom to exercise: “fact-based knowledge”; “constructive enthusiasm and rational concern”; “balanced humility and justified discontent”; “proactive acknowledgement of truth/reality”; “reasoned self-sacrifice and rational generosity”; and “survival-focused faith, hope, courage, and self-confidence.” Especially those of us blessed to live in this much too-often taken-for-granted land of the truly uniquely-free.

Yes, in America, this most precious, liberty/freedom-enabling, and wisdom-founded constitutional republic, it is not “the tooth fairy” who, through elections or otherwise, determines who occupies positions of power within our government—and for how long. 

Nor, is it some “mysterious cosmic alien” who determines the legitimacy of our elections; trustworthiness of our educational institutions and justice system; security of our borders, cities, schools, and homes; and preservation of our country’s common-language, common-culture, and founding principles.

Therefore, it is beyond crucial that we personally and collectively acknowledge and address “what is truly” our country’s worst nightmare. And that we aggressively do so sooner rather than later, and successfully so. 

Otherwise, some “experienced tips” from the “we the people” of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, the packed prisons of China, etc. — on how to best cope with the historically-demonstrated curses of Maoism; Marxism; Communism; Socialism, etc., — are likely high among the special “survival tools” we should be seriously striving to timely get our hands on. 

                                                              —William James Moore

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


As ever-growing numbers of Cuban citizens march in strong and courageous protest against their corrupt, liberty/economy-destroying, in-humane, and otherwise failed Marxist/Communist/Socialist government, . . . there is a conspicuous “deafening sound of silence” from their government’s loyal (and here-to-fore very much outspoken) supporters on U.S. soil.

Yes—Bernie Sanders, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Watters, Michael Moore, etc., etc., etc.—how about some more public spewing about how fortunate the Cuban folks have it under the ever-so competent, caring, and compassionate hand of Marxism/Communism/Socialism!

And, while at—past President Jimmy Carter and likeminded others—how about a special follow-up to your not all that long ago public pitch about how the U.S. could benefit by following Cuba’s lead on “healthcare”!

Of course, if and when the radical-left chooses to break their silence on this another growing crisis, they undoubtedly will unrelentingly reveal that Cuba’s problems are indisputably “Trump’s fault” — along with climate change, racism, worldwide poverty, hurt feelings, and an array of other yet-to-be-identified ills.

                                                          —William James Moore

Sunday, June 27, 2021


Along with humankind’s countless and much-too-often overlooked “good sides,” come a mixed bag of “much to the contrary” attitudes and behaviors. None the least, the many faces of “bias” —commonly viewed as “prejudices in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another; usually in a way considered to be unfair.” With what is deemed “fair” and “unfair” of course being, so-to-speak, in the eye of the beholder(s).

For example, the partially political cartoon at the top of Page 4, Opinion section, Weekend, Saturday-Sunday, June 26-27, 2021 edition, of our local newspaper, the Parsons Sun. No doubt considered by many to fittingly draw attention to 77-year old (once Trump attorney) Rudy Giuliani’s recent loss of law license.

As others, however, likely view that less biased and more responsible reporting would have also included a cartoon of much more community interest and national concern. Such as, one drawing attention to 78-year old Joe Biden’s (at best, embarrassing and troubling) gaff-afflicted public communications as President of this planet’s most powerful country.

And then, (on same Page 4) there’s the likewise not so subtly biased article titled, “Dispelling the myth of a ‘Christian nation’” — a worthy of read piece artfully articulating the author’s mix of selected facts and opinion. And ending with the words . . . “Any attempt to establish a Christian nation, therefore, always has been and always will be unjust, dangerous and profoundly un-Christian.”

A writing that many very likely strongly hold would have been far less unbalanced (biased), and much more responsible, if it had also included, for example, the following ever-so-relevant crucial facts:

(1.) America, this ever-so-unique and most precious Constitutional Republic, was also not founded as a “radical/militant Islam nation”;

(2.) Sharia law (Islam religious law), and other radical/militant Islam ideology, cannot co-exist with our U.S. Constitution, or otherwise with the unalienable human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;

(3.) any disregard of above facts (1.) and (2.) is not only blatantly un-American and in ignorance/denial of world history, but also  insanely suicidal.

As we individually and collectively pursue our respective gift-of-life journeys on this mutually shared planet, it seems especially noteworthy that — as with the rights to offend, be offended, etc. — the assumed or legitimate right to harbor and employ the many faces of bias also comes not void of responsibility and consequences, regardless of founding in oversight, ignorance, intent, or otherwise.

                                                            —William James Moore

Monday, June 21, 2021


When applying to human behavior, the transitive verb “Bullshitting” (BS) is commonly associated with that which is “nonsense, misleading, deceptive, etc.”

Now, in all honesty, if I were ever so inclined to search long and hard enough, there is a trace of possibility that I just might eventually stumble upon something I know very little about. However, such an obviously destined to be futile endeavor would certainly not lead to the ancient art of “bullshitting.” For therein rests an area I know considerably much more than just a bit about.

Including, but not limited to, the fact that “BS spewing behavior" rests not alone with the nation-destructive Marxist/Socialist/Communist Radical-Left puppets and puppet masters now infesting the people’s White House, U.S. Congress, and various other aspects of all levels of government.

For example, throughout my life (as a child, teenager, and now so-called adult), no shortage of self-indulged “BS” has at times been called upon to self-explain or otherwise excuse why various aims and opportunities were and remain beyond realization by the likes of me. When a more factual depiction of reality might have been, or might yet be, much to the otherwise — especially with much more-confident thinking and more responsible effort on my part.

Then, there was that vanity-driven “prior to marriage” BS. Which, for example, held that when once married I would never make the mistakes experienced by my parents and countless other clearly less-gifted married couples. This of course being at best a grossly na├»ve and immature view on my part — and long-ago disproved by a continuing history of personal shortfalls, many of which I once believed were beyond even the slightest of consideration by the once self-perceived me.

Followed of course by a massive dose of grossly presumptuous “prior to parenthood” BS. Which likewise held that if I ever were blessed to be a dad, I would never be guilty of the child-rearing mistakes experienced by my parents and countless clearly less appropriately-focused others. This also of course long ago being yet another most humbling life-reality-check, including regretful failings on my part that forever strive to overshadow, if not at times cancel, the wish-there-had-been-many-more done rights.

And now — in the rapidly-diminishing years of my too-often taken for granted gift-of-life journey, and as our U.S. constitution, borders, common-language English, and common-culture based on Judeo-Christian values, etc., are being threatened and destroyed before our eyes — I continue to “BS” myself. 

This time with the lofty notion that somehow I (or anyone) can make a difference; that somehow I (or anyone) can help salvage for ourselves, and preserve for our children and grandchildren, the precious liberty and freedom being threatened by an ever growing number and nature of present and ancient-rooted evils.

Nevertheless, each time the feelings of hopelessness reach the “throw-in-the-towel” (so to speak) tipping point, a most sobering and responsibility-inspiring thought comes to mind. That being, the countless worldwide who have already lost, or have never experienced, liberty and freedom, would likely consider it grossly-irresponsible and self-destructive “BS” to not at least try! Yes, using whatever ways and means one has available — or can make available — to at least try to not let the forces of evil deny our inalienable (God-given) rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

And of course also ranking high on the list of truly indisputable “BS” — would be any thinking on my part or others that the life experiences and growing concerns expressed above are somehow alone shared by the likes of terminally-unique me. 

                                                      —William James Moore
= = =

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” —Helen Keller (1880-1968), American author, political activist and lecturer, and first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Sunday, June 20, 2021


Upfront — the radical-left remains terrified by, and is struggling to recover from, the undeniable success of President Trump’s most fitting “What have you got to lose?” and his unprecedented “Promises made, promises kept!”

And, in keeping with the radical-left’s ongoing scorched-Earth-designed anti-Trump agenda —America is being nation-destructively besieged with a mixed-bag of racist-weaponized screams. Including those demanding that certain groups of now living U.S. citizens owe “apologies and reparations” for wrongs did long before they were born — by others they likewise had no control over or responsibility for.

Therefore, to those who are quick to jump on the radical-left’s apologies and reparations bandwagon, the following is a little related background you might consider, along with a free-of-charge plan you can pursue to help demonstrate just how much you truly, “truly care.”

RELATED BACKGROUND: When it comes to those who have been wronged on this planet, by someone, the list is without end. Including the often-called "Native Americans"---just one example of a shameful multitude.

Many if not most historical scholars agree that millions of “Native Americans” (also known as American Indians, Indigenous Americans, First Americans, and other terms) occupied what is now the United States long, long, long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and other adventurers from Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 574 federally recognized Native American tribes in the U.S., comprising a current total population of about 6.79 million Native Americans (about 2.09 percent of the entire U.S. population). These being today’s descendants of Native American ancestors who faced centuries of persecution and discrimination, losing their land and resources, and forced onto reservations lacking the resources to sustain their culture and communities, etc. Native Americans who reportedly now have the highest poverty rate of any major racial group, with about one in four people living below the poverty line.

FREE-OF-CHARGE PLAN: Hence, any and all “regardless of skin color” non-Native Americans who truly, “truly care” about the radical-left’s apologies and reparations pitch . . . how about including a heart-felt apology to all now living Native Americans. As you return to them all of your ill-gotten land and other assets; timely pack up a handful of basic essentials; depart U.S. soil; and permanently relocate your abusive, offending, racist-infested, and otherwise despicable selves to your respective land of ancestry-origin within Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. Where you will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms, bountiful liberty and freedom, and “free stuff” beyond your wildest dreams!

And, while at it, if you truly, “truly care” about saving the Planet Earth from so-called “Global Warming,” you will carry out your heart-felt apology and reparations departure without the benefit of any and all forms of evil fossil-fuel powered transportation.

Again, just something to ponder — if you truly, “truly care”!

                                                             — William James Moore  

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


“The unthinkable” didn’t just happen overnight.

No, “a sudden undertaking” did not bring about an “America now critically plagued with” nation/liberty-destroying racist propaganda, identity politics, critical race theory, 1619 Project, gender neutrality, attacks on our U.S. Constitution, open borders, encouraged and uncontrolled invasion by illegal aliens, failure to enforce our common-language English, failure to defend our common-culture founded on Judeo-Christian values, corrupt voting systems, and a people’s White House now occupied by radical-left puppets and puppet masters.

Much to the contrary, the chip, chip, chipping away started long, long before the November 03, 2020 presidential election.   By way of a sinister Marxist/socialist/communist radical-left plan that has, over the years, critically infested and taken root in virtually all aspects of U.S. society.  None the least, in various critical areas of our local/state/federal government; administration/teaching staff of our educational institutions; so-called news media; CEOs/other corporate staff of so-called Big-Tech (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon); etc.

All while countless folks such as I were for much too long “asleep-at-the-switch” (so-to-speak), regarding the consequences of being, through ignorance and/or intent, irresponsibly inattentive of and to the age-old struggle between good and evil.

And now that evil has indisputably taken an unprecedented and ever-more-threatening hold throughout this most precious Constitutional Republic — the ever-so-daunting task of purging it and saving this best and likely last hope for liberty, will of course take much more than social media growling alone. 

In addition to a strong, responsible, and unmuzzled conservative pro-America voice, also required will be a level of exceptional patriotic wisdom, effort, and sacrifice that few if any of us now so-called adults in the room can honestly begin to envision.

An inescapable legacy and patriotic calling that now rests on the backs of younger generations of Americans—many of whom have not only been shamefully short changed on factual World/American history, but also contaminated with self-destructive anti-patriotic, hate-America propaganda.

Yet, another reminder that our gift-of-life journey entails choices and consequences, and comes not standard-equipped with a reverse gear.  

A further reminder also, that alone and regardless of how well-intentioned, these far from news-flashing words very likely and appropriately fall in the already bloated sack of “Much Too Little . . . Much Too Late!”

                                             —William James Moore
= = =

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction—it is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”—Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), 40th U.S. President.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021


No doubt, the anti-America elite; the self-proclaimed all-inclusive; and haters of “everything Trump,” stood tall and proud—when, on Saturday, 05/29/2021, Cheshire cat-grinning, demonic-cackling Kamala Harris reportedly “tweeted” a photo of herself and told all of her followers to have a long, enjoyable holiday weekend. 

And, of course, it was very likely far from “innocent oversight” that, in doing so, she “did not” also encourage them to be respectfully mindful of the true meaning of Memorial Day (a most special time set aside long ago to recognize and honor all who have died while fighting in our nation’s military).

Nor, was it very likely the result of “innocent soul-saving intent” that racist-in-chief, hate and divisiveness-spreading, ice-cream cone-slurping Joe Biden chose to tele-prompter his way through a “woke” (racial-divisiveness-perpetuation) speech at America’s sacred Arlington National Cemetery.

It is, however, very much likely—as well as most sad, disrespectful, and (should be) deeply alarming—that radical-left puppets Biden and Harris did so with the planned intent of their puppet masters. To signal to their followers, and to those of us who hold them in contempt, that this is no longer “America.” But, instead, the (so-to-speak) caliphate of the ever more emboldened socialist/communist radical-left.

And, so it shall ultimately be—at the price of forever lost liberty—if in all future elections America’s so-called adults in the room fail to replace nation-destructive emotional BS with rational survival-focused citizen-responsibility. In elections that, at the risk of “offending” someone, are unrelentingly restricted nationwide to verified-legal U.S. citizens.

In the meantime, the liberty-destroying divide-and-conquer train wreck will continue—a painful beyond words reminder to anyone yet in touch with some resemblance of reality, that “elections really do have consequences!” And, much like life itself, don’t come standard-equipped with a “reverse gear.”

                                                   —William James Moore

Thursday, May 27, 2021


That both “good” and “evil” human behavior has long been with us is not a news flash or basis of rational controversy to many. Nor is the fact that there are “various degrees” of both.

However, often fueling a bit of debate is where we and others rate on the “good” versus “evil” scale. The answers of course falling prey to judgement and perception — influenced by the mindset of those doing the judging and perceiving. Nevertheless, it seems historically evident that most of humankind likely falls somewhere between the ever-existing extremes of “a saintly self-sacrificing Mahatma Gandhi” and that of “a brutal narcissistic Adolph Hitler.”

Yes, somewhere between one’s birth and death many if not most come to associate “good” human behavior with qualities such as: morally right, truthfulness, fairness, justice, worthiness, benevolence, selflessness, self-sacrifice, empathy, kindness, incorruptible, etc. While relating “evil” to acts of gross immortality, dishonesty, unfairness, injustice, unworthiness, self-centeredness, selfishness, heartlessness, cruelty, corruptness, etc.

Many strive to be and do “good,” to their best understanding; while others choose the path of “evil.” Most if not all spend some time in both worlds. “All” occupy every “aspect of society.” Including, but not limited to, government and other functions having the opportunity to aid or hinder humankind’s unalienable (God-given) Rights — among them being, Life, Liberty, and the “Pursuit” of Happiness.

And, while “why evil exists” will be long pondered, the basic rules of survival dictate that the more important point is that “it does exist.” And in its more sinister form, represents a truly existential threat to individual liberty, freedom, and ultimate survival! And, therefore, must always be recognized and acknowledged for what it is — and unrelentingly confronted and defeated!

Including the indisputable “evil” that has infested much of our U.S. Government and the hearts and minds of others hell-bent to destroy America — humankind’s best and likely last best hope. An unprecedented level of anti-America and hate-America “evil” committed to destroying the ‘crucial foundation blocks’ of this precious Constitutional Republic — our U.S. borders; Constitution; common-language English; common-culture founded on Judeo-Christian values; and free enterprise economic system.

An evil of deceptive faces and sinister weapons such as, to randomly cite but a few: gender neutrality; critical race theory; 1619 project; social media “fact checking”; gun control; open borders; inclusiveness; climate change; baseless accusations of racism, white privilege, etc.; identity (color of skin) politics; undocumented vs illegal immigrants; equity vs equality; riots/mob rule portrayed as peaceful protests; voter fraud; etc.

A nation-destructive evil that, in addition to much of all levels of federal, state, and local government, has also infested a critical mass of the leadership/staff of so-called news media, social media, our educational institutions, and other “big business” entities.

An ever-spreading, thus far unrestrained, and increasingly emboldened “evil” — an enemy within — that is through ignorance and/or intent recklessly dividing and pushing this great nation down the path of a revolution of unthinkable consequences!

And, this is not the time to tolerate silencing, cancelling, or otherwise voiding the voice of pro-America, America-first, patriots! Nor, to bury one’s head in the self-destructive sands of ignorance, complacency, apathy, denial, greed, and irrational fear!

At stake, nothing less than the future, hopes, and dreams of our children and grandchildren! And, the ultimate survival of “good” over “evil” in this nation of thus far unprecedented liberty and opportunity — made possible through great (often ultimate) sacrifice of countless past and present! 
                                                        —William James Moore

Monday, April 26, 2021


(1.) AS DEFINED BY RADICAL-LEFT “DISTRACTING BS”: [Social Justice — “Justice in terms of distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”; “The view that everyone deserves equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities.”]

FOR EXAMPLE: Although someone the radical-left “selectively” determines to be “in need,” may be VOID of, or fall critically short of, related qualifications and ability, they nonetheless “deserve” equal opportunity to pilot the commercial aircraft you fly on; teach (indoctrinate) you children; prepare your food; practice law and/or medicine; etc. And, while our country’s children don’t “deserve” being factually taught about America’s greatness [in addition to agenda-driven shortfalls], they “each” nonetheless “deserve” a Certificate!

(2.) AS DEFINED BY “DEMONSTRATED REALITY: [Social Justice — “Replacing America’s constitution-structured ‘individual rights’ justice system with fascist/anarchist socialist/communist “Riotous Mob Rule.”]

FOR EXAMPLE: When things don’t go your way, simply unleash — in the name of peaceful protesting — “The Mob” to criminally hassle, intimidate, and physically abuse your targets; loot, rob, and pillage businesses; torch and burn cities; destroy treasured historical artifacts; etc. And, when deemed “selectively” appropriate, even call out a riotous race-baiting Maxine Watters to use the “Mob’s Threat" in order to further ensure a “GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY” verdict from a justifiably terrified and intimidated jury.

                                              =  =  =

Yes, stand ever-so-proud, America! Especially those who, through ignorance and/or intent, helped in any way to infest the people’s White House and U.S. Congress with the current nation-destroying occupants from the socialist/communist radical-left!

                                                              —William James Moore


Special Note: The below expression of opinion was also published as the “2nd article” under Public Mind heading, “On proposed wind farm in Labette County” — Page 4, Weekend, Sat-Sun, April 24-24, 2021 Edition of our local newspaper, the Parsons Sun.

                                          =     =  =

Wind Farms are likely to be a topic of nationwide fact-based, and otherwise-rooted, pro and con discussions and debates well into the future. 

Whether such facilities are banned, or one day become a blessing or curse addition to the landscape of Labette County, seems to be primarily at the ultimate discretion of three people. Presently, duly elected County Commissioners, Lonie Addis, Brian Kinzie, and Cole Proehl. A matter likely beyond overwhelming in many ways, especially when added to the ever-growing list of county commissioner-related obligations.

And, as our commissioners individually and collectively wrestle with this subject of indisputable complexity and heated debates, a most basic “ethics-rooted obligation” seems worthy of special attention — one no doubt struggling to survive in an atmosphere of ever-increasing demands and complexities. One likely continuing to seemingly whisper in the attentive ears of each commissioner, a very respectful and cautionary reminder.

A likely ever-present memory-jog that they were of course “not” elected to represent the Wind Farm industry of Germany or elsewhere; nor our federal government agencies distributing subsidies from the public taxpayer-funded public treasury; nor self-serving state government agencies; nor Global Warming/Climate Change activists; nor other special interest parties, etc.

They were, however, elected and remain duty bound to responsibly and in good faith do what is in the best interests of — not a selected few — but, rather, the “sum total” of their respective district constituents.

An obligation of considerable short-term and long-term consequences. A crucial responsibility that cannot be honored until our county commissioners are duly provided with — to their satisfaction — a sufficient amount of legitimate research-supported evidence and other essential support.

And, until such evidence and other support have been made available, sufficiently examined, and found to truly attest that the “factual short-term and long-term benefits” of a proposed Wind Farm project to the “sum total” of their respective Labette County constituents, overwhelmingly exceed the “factual negative consequences” to same . . . “how” our commissioners, and applicable others, are duty bound to handle their ethics-rooted approval/disapproval obligation, should not only be conspicuous, but also ultimately evidenced by a duly informed and respectfully responsible “Vote NO.” —William James & Cecilia Ann Moore

Saturday, April 24, 2021


Since the beginning, humankind has awakened each day to an inescapable array of countless “choices”—individually (personally) and collectively (groups). Many if not most “choices” in some fashion involving the age-old struggle between “good” and “evil.

Choices often especially complicated by the many faces and masks of these unrelenting rivals.    A never ending battle offering no middle ground — for we each must daily choose a side.   With consequences often not readily apparent, nor always rightfully suffered or enjoyed.  

A 24/7 struggle — where thankfully, “good” many times prevails; and unfortunately, “evil” too often the victor. With “history” the sometimes biased and agenda-driven scorekeeper. Where ignorance, apathy, complacency, denial, greed, and irrational fear, are high among the long-standing enablers of “evil’s” more successful endeavors.

And where neither side (good or evil) is immune to the “Basic Rules of Survival”: (1.) Ability to recognize, and willingness to acknowledge, one’s threats and enemies; (2.) Having or developing effective defenses against specific threats and enemies; and (3.) The willingness and courage to timely and successfully employ effective defenses against one’s threats and enemies.

With the above realities in mind, here’s another not to be ignored fact-of-life, which should not be news flash to anyone reasonably in touch with the happenings around us . . . “The socialist/communist radical-left infested Democrat Party is now, more than ever before, an existential threat to America — to our precious Constitutional Republic and the liberty, freedom, and opportunity it has (so far) long enabled!"

A truly active and increasingly emboldened “existential threat” of many “faces and masks” — and employing an ever-growing array of most “sinister weapons”! Some (not all) of the more life and liberty threatening are randomly summarized below:

(1.) A daily, 24/7 spewing of divide-and-conquer, hate one another, racist rhetoric from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Maxine Watters, and other radical-left puppets now occupying the people’s White House and Congress;

(2.) A Joe Biden-created southern border crisis, and disastrous immigration policies, that are allowing the U.S. to become overwhelmed with an increasing flood of nation-destructive illegal aliens;

(3.) An unrelenting radical-left assault on our First Amendment and Second Amendment Rights;

(4.) Radical-left promised grants and other incentives for use of “Critical Race Theory,” “1619 Project,” etc., and other racist rooted divide-and-conquer propaganda, in school curriculum — aimed at ensuring future generations of anti-America graduates, brainwashed to believe the “Big Lie” that America has long been and remains infested with “Systemic Racism”;

(5.) Educational institutions that have become nation-destructively infested with self-serving radical-left biased administrative and teaching staffs, focused on “indoctrinating” rather than “educating” America’s youth;

(6.) Fascist/radical-left “Mobs” allowed to freely carry out criminal acts of harassment, intimidation, looting, property damage, and otherwise life and liberty threatening/destroying behavior in support of their self-serving agendas;

(7.) State and Federal election processes infested with radical-left biased corruption; and representatives within state and federal government lacking the courage and to purge and correct such;

(8.) With “all of the above” fueled, flamed, and otherwise promoted by a nation-destructive radical-left biased and self-serving agenda-driven so-called “primetime news media” (CNN, CBS, ABC, etc.) and “big tech” (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc.).

The above again being a not all inclusive list of that which threatens to destroy America—humankind’s now only and likely last hope for individual liberty, freedom, and opportunity to pursue happiness.

Which, now takes us back to the prior cited “Basic Rules of Survival”: (1.) Ability to recognize, and willingness to acknowledge, one’s threats and enemies; (2.) Having or developing effective defenses against specific threats and enemies; and (3.) The willingness and courage to timely and successfully employ effective defenses against one’s threats and enemies. 

The basic playbook ultimately determining America’s fate in our struggle between good and evil. 

An inescapable “reality” and “responsibility”—that America’s children and grandchildren are depending upon us—the now so-called adults in the room—to step up to the plate and courageously deal with. 

A challenge of importance beyond words, and one that must not be assumed will be handled by someone else, nor that hope and wishing alone are successful strategies.   —William James Moore

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


On April 19, 2021 Florida’s Governor, Ron Desantis, signed Florida’s “Anti-Riot” Bill into law. Rightfully accommodating “peaceful protests,” while strongly declaring zero-tolerance for “riots” and related threats to life, liberty, and property. According to Desantis — “It is the strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement piece of legislation in the country”; and “We’re [Florida] not going to end up like Portland.”

And, as Florida’s state government takes bold, responsible, and decisive measures to protect the lives, liberty, and property within its borders, various other states continue to be governed by "lies and deception."  Lies and deception that encourage, accommodate, and defend riots and related unlawful behaviors that threaten and/or destroy life, liberty, and property—not only of the respective states’ citizens, but also that of other at-the-time therein occupants.

“Lies and deception” being treated with a level of widespread apathy, and lack of push-back, not only clearly destructive of our precious Constitutional Republic, and obviously counter to basic survival instincts—but also suggesting that some special “definitions pondering” might be worthwhile.

For example:

(1.) While one can of course “lie” by “assuming a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface” — one can also “lie” by “making untrue statements with the intent to deceive.” Hence, the practice of knowingly communicating lies is “lying,” and a person who knowingly communicates “lies” is anyway you dice or slice it — a “liar.”

(2.) To “deceive” is of course “an act intended to cause someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid. And, while “deception” can be a relatively harmless act of an entertaining magician — “deception” can also be an underhanded act with the intent to impose a lie or otherwise invalid idea/belief in order to cause/promote ignorance, bewilderment, helplessness, compliance, etc.

Therefore, leaving very much relevant . . . the “intent” of lies and deception. That is, exactly where does the “intent” truly stack up in the age-old battle between “good and evil.” Whether the intent is to benefit those lied to and deceived . . . or, serve to profit the liar and deceiver.

Such as, when applicable socialist/communist radical-left puppets infesting the people’s White House, Congress, and elsewhere:

(1.) Create an ever-worsening America-destroying illegal-alien indisputable “crisis” at our southern border, and then declare and treat such as a relatively void-of-priority “challenge.” While at same time frame, telling immigration authorities to stop using terms like “illegal” and “alien” and start using “noncitizen.”

(2.) Declare Georgia’s recent legislation (actually aimed at improving the legitimacy of its state elections) to be “Jim Crow in 21st Century,” “an Atrocity,” “an Attack on the Constitution,” etc.;

(3.) Claim to be “nation healers,” “unifiers,” “uniquely caring,” etc. — while, for example, refusing to condemn riotous acts of violence that have destroyed (and continue to threaten) precious lives, liberty, and property in various of America’s cities; while in turn failing to condemn inflammatory rhetoric of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and others calling for protestors to become “more active” and “more confrontational,” etc.;

(4.) Self-righteously claim to be non-racists, while declaring “all whites” to be inherently racists, and “all blacks” that don’t agree with such claim to be “not black” — as they in turn unrelentingly promote other divide-and-conquer aspects of “identity politics” and “anti-racist indoctrinations” in our schools, workplaces, etc.

And “why” do a nation-threatening number of politicians within Democrat Party; Republican RINOS; and others continue to condone, promote, and practice “Governing by Lies & Deception”?

Simply because they believe “they must” in order to get elected/re-elected or otherwise personally profit. Which obviously means their political existence or otherwise self-serving aims are the result of, and contingent upon, a “constituency” or other support source that has so far — through ignorance or intent — bought into the big “lies and deception” of the anti-America socialist/communist radical-left.

A radical-left of self-serving power-craving “enemies within,” with long existing Marxist divide-and-conquer aims and agendas to unrelentingly destroy our U.S. Constitution, secured borders, common-language English, common-culture founded on Judeo-Christian values, free enterprise focused economic system, personal confidence and patriotic spirit — and ultimately our liberty and freedom.

“Lies and Deception” patriotic Americans “must” timely and unrelentingly challenge and successfully rebut with “truth” and “trustworthiness” — in our families, friendships, places of employment, professional/community organizations, educational institutions, all levels of government, social media, and other aspects of society.

At stake—nothing less than the survival of our precious Constitutional Republic (humankind’s best and likely last hope for individual liberty, freedom, and pursuit of happiness).

Humankind’s “good versus evil” struggle is age-old and ever-lasting . . . and sooner or later we each must make and eventually demonstrate which side we have chosen to be on — and eventually partake, individually and collectively, in a “banquet of consequences.” Consequences in turn (either proudly or shamefully) included in an inescapable legacy passed to America’s children and grandchildren.

                                                             —William James Moore