Sunday, January 3, 2016

References & Recommended Reading

(Listed in Alphabetical Order by Author’s Last Name)

Book Title


The Holy Bible
(Version/Translation supportive of one’s Christian faith)
All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten
Robert Fulghum
  • Because They Hate
  • They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It
Brigitte Gabriel
The Haldeman Diaries – Inside The Nixon White House
H. R. Haldeman
 (Introduction and Afterword by Stephen E. Ambrose)
The Federalist Papers
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, & John Jay
(Introduction by Gary Wills)
Hostile Waters
Peter Huchthausen, Igor Kurdin, & R. Alan White
Who Moved My Cheese?
Spencer Johnson
Two Incomes and Still Broke?
Linda Kelley
The Imitation Of Christ
Thomas A. Kempis
Lights Out
Ted Koppel
  • The Liberty Amendments
  • Plunder and Deceit
  • Ameritopia
  • Liberty and Tyranny
Mark R. Levin
The Patriot’s Reference
Edited by: Joel J. Miller
& Kristen Parrish
  • Threats To Our Liberty & Survival
  • Killing "Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness"
  • Destruction From Within
William James Moore
  • Killing Jesus
  • Killing Lincoln
  • Killing Patton
  • Killing Kennedy
Bill O’Reilly
I’m Not OK. You’re Not OK. But It’s OK!
Chris Padgett
Words That Inspired Him—
A Lifetime Of Favorite Writings,
Poems & Quotations
Norman Vincent Peal
The Most of Andy Rooney
(ESP Article: “Mr. Rooney goes to Washington”)
Andrew A. Rooney
  • Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder
  • Stop The Coming Civil War
  • Countdown To Mecca
  • Government Zero
  • Scorched Earth
Michael Savage
The Faith Explained
Leo J. Trese
Enemies—A History of the FBI
Tim Weiner
  • Mutterings Of An Old Man
  • I Felt The Floor Shake
Mike Womeldorff
  • House Calls
  • Office Calls
  • Love Letters from a Marriage
  • Wisdom for a Woman
  • Wisdom for a Man
Gary Yarbrough, M.D.

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